Selina & the horse named Plushie

Written by Charlotte Elise Hansen


Selina & the horse named Plushie is a tale loosely inspired by real events, written by Charlotte Elise Hansen in 2019. I was looking to enrich the Story of Yookster with new media, when I heard a dear friends' loss of a horse and acquired the help of Charlotte to write a story to cheer up my friend and have a lasting memoery of the horse.

It's written as a lessong for children to navigate loss.

This is the second story by Charlotte for the Story of Yookster. Earlier the same year, she wrote Freya and the seven small rabbits - a small story inspired by story written to her kid, that was brought into the Story of Yookster and illustrated as a poster.

- Martin Fredskov

Selina and Plushie the horse

Selina & the horse named Plushie

Once upon a time was a small cabin by the wide green meadow.
In the cabin lived a girl by the name of Selina.
Selina always looked out her window first thing in the morning.
The meadow was always sparkling in the sunlight.

From her window Selina could see Plushie the horse.
Plushie lived in a paddock on the meadow.
He was a pretty horse.
Soft like a plushie and cute like a pup.

His look was decieving.
Plushie was a strong and clever horse.
And he was a trickster.
But Plushie never caused any harm.
Plushie simply enjoyed every moment with Selina.
Both of them enjoyed riding without a saddle.
They often rode through the forest with the tall trees.
And they rode by the beach with the pretty sun setting.

One day in the forest they were heading home from the beach.
They were riding without a saddle.
Selina felt free like a bird and Plushie felt full of energy that day.

Plushie could see a winged creature by the meadow through the trees.
The tall grass of the meadow was blocking the view a bit.
He set into a gallop for the creature.
Plushie forgot all about Selina being part of the ride.
Selina was scared of the sudden gallop.
She whispered in the ears of Plushie to slow down.

When Plushie heard Selinas voice he stopped at once.
Selina almost fell off when he stopped.
Plushie made sure she did not fall.

Normally Plushie always took good care of Selina.
The winged creature had made him forget about time and place.

Selina was thankful for Plushie.
Plushie always saved her.

Selina put Plushie in his paddock again at home.
After that she went straight into her cabin to sleep.
It had been a long day.
Selina was already looking forward to ride again tommorow.

Plushie did what he always did.
Ate the grass and enjoyed the freedom in his big paddock.

Plushie looked up from the grass.
A snow white horse with feathered wings and a horn on their head lit up the twilight.
It was a unicorn.
The unicorn was sparkling in the moonlight.

The unicorn is the creature Plushie saw earlier at the meadow!
It had to be why the meadow was always sparkling.
The unicorn was so pretty.
They stepped out on the meadow to Plushie.

The unicorn had come to tell Plushie that the time had come.
They had kept a watch on Plushie.
Plushie have had his time as Selina’s horse.
The time had come to move on and let another horse have their time with Selina.

Plushie was getting very tired.
It was time to say goodbye to the life Plushie have had with Selina.
An amazing life.

Plushie could feel a tickle on the sides of his body.
He looked down the side of his body and could see a beige wing with black feathers.
On the other side a similar wing had sprouted.

Now the top of his head was tickling.
Plushie saw his mirror image in a little pond.
The mirror image showed a horn had sprouted from his head.
He had become a pretty unicorn.

Plushie understood that he had to follow the snow white unicorn to the sky.
To create a new life for himself as a unicorn.

He was not feeling ready for a new life just yet.
Plushie had to first find the perfect horse for Selina.

He spent the whole night searching for a horse.
In the morning he had found the perfect horse.
Plushie had put down a number of clues for Selina to find.
The clues lead to the new horse.
He was ready now!

Plushie spread his wings and let them carry him to the sky.
He was following the snow white unicorn.
It was a fun place for what he had heard.
He was looking forward to this!

Selina woke up and looked out the window as she usually did.
She looked at the meadow where Plushie usually grazed.
Plushie was nowhere to be seen.
Selina got worried and ran out to the meadow.

She could not find Plushie and started to cry.
She was scared Plushie had gotten lost.

When Selina stopped crying she looked down and saw a feather in the grass.
The feather made her smile.
She knew what had happened now.

Plushie had become a unicorn.
Selina had heard about them before.
Unicorns live the best life a horse can have./p>

Selina got sad again.
She remembered that unicorns rarely returns.
Selina looked down again.

She smiled to herself.
Selina had just seen a sparkle.

Looking up again she saw a path leading into the forest.
Selina followed the light and saw another spark further down the path.
At the end she saw a young pretty horse with a sparkle in their eye.
They were all lonely and was missing a friend.

Selina befriended the new horse and named them Sparkles.
Selina was very happy to have found Sparkles.
They reminded Selina about Plushie and did a lot of the same things.
She felt the same safety with Sparkles as she did with Plushie.

Selina thought to herself that it was Plushie who had sent Sparkles.
She was happy to have found a new best friend.
Selina felt that she be happy again with Sparkles.
Even if Plushie was still missed.

Every now and then Plushie visits the meadow.
He leaves a feather for Sparkles and Selina to find.
The meadow sparkles everytime that Plushie visits.
Plushie watches from the sky and makes sure that Selina and Sparkles are happy at all time.