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The Story of Yookster


The posters that started it all

I made these posters. They were some of my proudest accomplishments at the time - and still is to this day. The posters was the main inspiration for expanding the Yookster-universe into a multimedia project with stories, photos, music and more!

I wanted to know the stories behind each poster.
I wanted to provide the music I heard in my head to everyone else, and I wanted others to join in on the fun of exploring a whole new world of talking animals, colours and good vibes!

Letting the world tell stories

Inspired by real stories

Charlotte Elise Hansen wrote first draft of Freya & the seven small rabbits for her daughter and commissioned a poster for it.

It was followed by it being edited and translated into a story more easily readable by kids and being part of the Yookster-universe.

Freya & the seven small rabbits

A cute story about a princess that dreams about getting a pet.

Read Freya's story

Charlotte continued her writing with Selina & the horse named Plushie. A story based on real life events, about how to deal with the loss of a loved one. A small illustration and a plushie-design was made for the story.

Selina & the horse named Plushie

A story about how a girl lost her best friend and got a new one.

Read Selina's story

Bringing life to the story

From the very get go, The Story of Yookster was meant to span across multiple media types.

Photos mixed with digital art would be the next natural step, to pull the story out into the real world. I want to give a huge thanks to Marie Dyekjær Eriksen, Charlotte Elise Hansen and Tanja Andersen, who all provided photos for these below.

Music sets the stage!

With everything else in place, muisc was only a natural next to add. Connor Kearney contributed to this with some joyous music of his, school assignments that matched the feel of the Yookster-universe.

Free colouring pages & Puzzles for kids

Saving the best for last!

Have a bunch of free colouring pages and puzzles for kids. Neatly packed into a 12-page printable PDF.

Best results if printed on A4 paper size (297 x 210mm).

View PDF
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