The story of Yookster & other Worldbuilding projects

Content overview

Over the years I've iterated over multiple story universes, all mostly within same themes of utopia, talking animals and plenty of colors. All story universes were developed through stories, illustration and music and the help of friends and commissioned artists. Each iteration of the universe a little more refined.

Table of content

  1. Children stories
  2. Posters
  3. Music
  4. Augmented reality
  5. FREE Coloring book

children stories with morals

Small stories written for kids, written with a sublte lesson in life in each of them.
The process varied a bit, with some stories they nicely fit in within the universe with small edits, and with others it was a collaboration between the autor and me, directing some plot ideas and details to fit the story universe.

Freya under a tree

Freya & the seven small rabbits

A cute story about a princess that dreams about getting a pet. Written by Charlotte Elise Hansen.

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Selina and Plushie the horse

Selina & Plushie the horse

A story about how a girl lost her best friend and got a new one. Written by Charlotte Elise Hansen.

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Max flying on a red dolphin

The shadow of doubt

A story about a boy with low self esteem, who learns how to deal with it. Written by Ricky Guilliams.

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Adding music to the story universes have always been important to me.
First step into music was commisioning King Musical Mel and directing his music composition for the Shadow of Doubt. Second time around Connor Kearney let me borrow a bunch of his music compositions from his time as a student at Ulster University studying music. I fit his music to the illustrations I found suited them the best, and have uploaded them on youtube for you to enjoy!

Music for the Shadow of Doubt

Augmented reality

An experiment immersing cartoon characters from the Story of Yookster into the real world, through photos by Charlotte Else Hansen, Tanja Andersen and Marie Dyekjær Eriksen.

Coloring pages

FREE coloring pages for kids

Have a bunch of free colouring pages and puzzles for kids. Neatly packed into a 12-page printable PDF.

Best results if printed on A4 paper size.

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