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The Story of Yookster

Freya & the seven small rabbits

Written by Charlotte Elise Hansen

Freya & the seven small rabbits

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Freya. Freya was a princess.
One day Freya sat under the pink tree with her rabbit plushie.
The pink tree stood proud by the rainbow bridge to the castle that Freya lived in.

Freya was thinking about how much she wanted a pet.
A pet that she could hold, pet and talk to.

All of a sudden seven small rabbits came hopping by and looked curiously at Freya.
The rabbits whispered between each other for a couple of minutes.
They agreed that she had to be the Princess.

The rabbits had seen Freya sit under the pink tree before.
They had seen how Freya said out loud to the world how much she wanted a pet.
The rabbits wished to be her pet.

Freya had always been told that she could only get one pet.
She set up a deal with the rabbits.
Who ever would cross the rainbow bridge and return back first could be her pet.

The rabbits started to whisper and then told Freya
“You will have to go through three trials if you want to bring home one of us!”

The fluffiest rabbit asked
“Can you remove this fur knot?”

Freya removed the fur knot without a problem.

The heaviest rabbit asked
“Can you lift me up?”

Freya lifted up the heaviest rabbit with a bit of sweat.

The grumpiest rabbit asked
“Think you can make me laugh?”

Freya told the heaviest rabbit about this one time she had seen a rabbit do something funny.
The heaviest rabbit started to laugh with tears from their eyes.

Freya passed all three trials
Now the rabbits raced across the rainbow bridge and back again.

The last to get in was the heaviest rabbit.

The most furry rabbit stumbled across their fur.

The grumpiest gave up halfway through.

Amongst the last four rabbits was a clear winner!
The winner had big pretty eyes and was white as the snow.
It was the smallest amongst the seven small rabbits.
Freya named them Snowball and hugged them.

She was happy and said
“Thank you everyone!
This has been the funniest day in my life!”
Then Freya went home with Snowball and proudly showed them to the Queen.

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