Who am i?

Martin Fredskov
Photo by Jonas Hinrichsen

Quick facts

  • Born 1991
  • Based in Denmark

I’m a full time freelancer based in Denmark. For the past 10 years I’ve been working with illustration and graphic design for a living – Working mainly in Adobe Illustrator and other vector editing applications. Vector graphics is by far the preferred media for me to use, for commercial and personal projects.


VEKTORKONGEN is the brand name for my personal stock library, through which I sell high quality stock vectors with more editability than the major competitors. I produce, and curate vectors from other artists that have joined up on the project. I manage the webshop and make sure to keep the catalogue interesting.


Through out my time with FREDSKOV MEDIER, I’ve worked with clients big and small clients, including a number of international businesses.

Notable clients

  • Unicorn Screen printing
  • Phoner2Support
  • BR Offset
  • Gellak
  • Guitar rebels
  • For Evigt (music festival)
  • Festivalhal (music festival)


Danish interview with HobbyHytten, where I talk about my drawing hobby.