Photo by Jonas Hinrichsen

Quick facts

  • Born 1991
  • Based in Denmark

Martin Fredskov

I’m a full time freelancer based in Denmark. For the past 10 years I’ve been working with illustration and graphic design for a living. Working mainly in Adobe Illustrator.
My freelance business FREDSKOV MEDIER was started july 1st, 2013.

I specialize in vector illustrations in a wide variety of art styles. My product portfolio at VEKTORKONGEN shows a sortable gallery of more than 500 stock vectors i’ve made through out the last couple of years.
The site is a side project of mine, aiming to build up a big library of stock vectors, sold individually, instead of through packages like the lot of other competeting sites have transitioning into over the past few years.

Through out my time with FREDSKOV MEDIER, I’ve worked with clients big and small clients, including a number of international businesses.

Notable clients

  • Unicorn Screen printing
  • Phoner2Support
  • BR Offset
  • Gellak
  • Guitar rebels
  • For Evigt (music festival)
  • Festivalhal (music festival)