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Martin Fredskov

  • Born December 25th, 1991
  • Freelance since 2013
  • Professional graphic designer since 2010

I ❤ vector graphics

Vector graphics is a versatile medium made up of infinitely scaleable graphics. Vector graphics are widely used across the modern internet, the print world and it is requiremed as a medium whenever any machine cutting is involved (Lasercutting, engraving, foil, etc.).

I live and breathe vectors, and I have created more than 2000 vector illustrations big and small during my decade long career, mostly using Adobe Illustrator as my tool of choice.

With every project I undertake, I utilize vector graphics as much as possible for their versatility and and future-proofing the designs - in fact a lot of my work consists of converting old designs made with bitmap (pixel) based designs into vectors, so that they can be used for new purposes.

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