FestiValhal – The evolution of a map

I’ve been fortunate enough to have done the map for FestiValhal in 2017 and 2019. Both maps had different problems to solve, and in this case feature, I’ll be going through each issue and how they were solved.

Small budget for a small festival

2017 marked 2nd year for FestiValhal, a small music festival in Denmark. Budget wasn’t all that big, but they wanted the area down on a map, and something that was easy to edit.

The solution: A top down view, with simple gradients for textures, and a few repeating objects.

This map took only about 4 hours.

FestiValhal 2017 festival map
FestiValhal map in developtment 2018

A growing festival needs a bigger map

Come 2018, the festival had bigger plans. A new map to my memoery never made public, but a map was in developtment showing of the features in the 2019 map.

The unofficial 2018 map would be a mix of the top down view and a isometric view to spice up things a bit.

The mix of styles was the end product of quick edits and bad habits. Something had to be done.

FestiValhal 2019 festival map

2019 – a Bigger festival, with a new map

Playing around a bit with isometric art for my sideproject Vektorkongen, i had gotten a lot better at it. I knew i could do something relatively quick, with a lot more interesting look than the mix of styles in 2018.

Only using about 6 hours, i managed to redo the full map, reusing a few assets. Now in proper isometric style and all of the map being a single style, still easy to edit.

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