Festival map – For Evigt 2017

For Evigt 2017 was the very first festival map i was commissioned to create. This blogpost will feature a few highlights, and the thoughtprocess behind what goes into making of a festival map.

For Evigt 2017 festival map
The finished map

The case presented:

They client wanted a map with the look and feel of a hand drawn watercolour map, but the advantages of it being digital.

They wanted the finished map to be more symbolic of things, rather than precise and exact. Essentially giving me a free range to stylize things a bit.

18 hours of mapmaking!

Going about making the map, I started out with a loose pen and paper sketch. Blocking it out roughly as i went into Adobe Illustrator to start the finished map.

During the process a lot of changes happened:

  • Vendor stalls moved around as planning changed.
  • A road and bus stop was added to make potential visitors relate the place with real life.
  • A few buildings not related to the festival was removed, as it didn’t add to the map and worst case could’ve confused visitors.
For Evigt 2017 map food vendor stalls

Illustrating the Vendor stalls

The food vendor stalls were made simple to copy/paste to minimize time spent on those, adding life into them illustrating their products above.

Illustrating their products above each vendor, makes for a lot more visual and faster navigation too. Another bonus!

Mimicing a hand drawn map

To mimic the look and feel of a hand drawn map, i added in irregularities to the lines and added in horizontal lines to break up the flat colour areas.

For Evigt 2017 map textures

Adding in music

The last crucial bits was arguably the music and the people.

How to portray the stages went through a few ilterations, but ended up at adding lights, musicians and musical notes (♪, ♩) to breathe a little life into the stage.


In the very last bit of the work, we added in visitors.

My initial thought was to make every single visitor unique, but i quickly realized it would add even more time to the already overdue project. At this stage I were 15 hours into a project optimisitclly price quoted for much less.

For that very reason, I ended up making a few variations and copy/pasting them into the map. They did what they were supposed to do, add in even more life into the map. I would have loved to do unique visitors, but in the end it would have been a lot of extra work for something that ultimately didn’t add a lot.

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