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I am

Martin Fredskov

And I invite YOU to go explore my universe of illustrations and world building. Read along and I will tell you the story of how I got here...

5 Life Lessons

1. Use the time needed
to finish projects

Accept that some projects requires more time to finish with a high standard. Rushing projects hurts their quality.

It is ok that not every project is over and done in an hour.

2. Do not try to be
something that you are not

Doubling the amount of work i took in over a year, had me hire my first and only employee by October 2017. Roughly half a year later she was said up and I came down with a burnout.

I tried to be something I was not.

3. Take responsibility for
your own actions

Getting coached, working and volunteering for Tanja Andersen at Wildlife Footprints have inspired me to take resposibility for my own actions. Realizing your own mistakes and admitting them to yourself may hurt, but it sets you up for success and a resolution.

4. Only control things
that you can control

As bit of a control freak I've realized over the years, that it is healthy to accept that not everything is yours to control.
Do not try to control something out of your hands.

5. Focus your energy where it matters

Don't waste your time on little details, that doesn't matter in the big picture. It wastes away limited time on more important matters.

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